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December 14, 2012 / Gillian

This Week in Challenges…

Let’s start with this: BFF got her sweater and it fit great and she loves it.  Insert giant sigh of relief here.

New challenge!  It’s holiday time and I’m utterly unprepared and BFF’s daughters are not getting their presents on time.  In fact I wasn’t sure at all what to get them until BFF said that they’re really into their American Girl dolls and so she suggested I could knit something for the American Girl dolls.  Being the mom of a son, American Girl dolls are not something I have mass experience with.  I didn’t even know that Ravelry had American Girl doll patterns, mostly through never having thought about it.  Of course Ravelry has American Girl doll patterns.  Duh.

Not terribly challenging, right?  Correct.  But!  They also like to wear the same clothes as their American Girl dolls, so what to do?  I found two cute cardigan patterns for the dolls, but what about the girls?  Well, that’s where the challenge comes in.  Can I successfully size these patterns up from the doll pattern to the girls!?  Can I?!  Hopefully.  American Girl dolls seem reasonably proportioned.  BFF sent me some measurements to work from so I’m feeling good about the whole thing.  I ordered yarn this morning, so hopefully I can knock them out within two weeks of the yarn arrival.

In the meantime, I’m looking at American Girl Dolls because I thought, I wonder if my niece would like one.  Holy crap are they expensive.  Jeebus.

Anywho, let me also share that last weekend I went to an open house at Underhill Farm in Hollidaysburg.  Their yarn is gorgeous!  The farm is absolutely a delight.  I’m wildly jealous of their house which is this gorgeous old farm house.  Anyway, the yarn.  It’s beautiful.  I got a worsted weigh skein, 80/20 mohair/wool, gray.  It was $30, which is way above my normal yarn budget, but it was so worth it.  The skein was 255 yds.  I made this hat out of it…

The pattern is called Shakti, it’s free on Ravelry.  I couldn’t get a great picture on my head, at least not without help.  I’ve been wearing it non-stop since I finished it.  I passionately want to have enough money to make a sweater out of this yarn, a really comfy cardigan.   Really, the yarn is amazing.

Okay.  Well, I hoped to say more this week, but I’m in the process of deciding whether I may want to move Diagnosis Knitter to Blogger from WordPress.  This would clearly be a big move, but I find my way around Blogger much easier and it’s part of the Google family now…  It’s a lot to think about.

In any case, very happy holiday knitting and I’ll talk to you next week!

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