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November 16, 2012 / Gillian

The Sweater of Flatness

I’m struggling to knit.  I really wanted to make my son a sweater and I found a pattern for this super cute kid’s fisherman sweater, but it’s knit flat.  Have I gone over my hatred for unnecessary flat knitting?  It’s a sweater!  Why I am knitting a thing that is round in a way that is flat?!  Why am I not making it round?  Why am I seaming?  This is knitting!

This sweater is cute though.  I’m doing it in blue…

This is the back of the sweater.  I have since actually finished the back and moved on to the front.  I figure, once I get that front done it’ll just fly along to doneness.  In the meantime…ugh.  I feel like the fact that I hate flat knitting makes it feel like it’s going to take longer and so I don’t knit at much and so it really does go slower and then…vicious cycle.

The altar cloth is still trucking along.  I had to dye a second skein of green yarn and so now I’m going to have to buy more yarn.  This this is going to be huge.  It’s weird though because I thought I had more yarn, but I guess I don’t.  In any case this is where I am with that…

You can’t really see the green because as the cloth gets better it becomes more squished onto my needles.  The next skein of green is a little darker over all but I’m going to try to make it seem intentional.  …I hope.

I’ve also dyed yarn for a moebius.  I’ve got plans and I want to do stuff, the motivation is just beyond me though.  Minimally, I’ve got a fun new task manager on my phone that I hope will aid me in remembering to blog regularly.  We’ll see how that goes.

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