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October 29, 2012 / Gillian

Green With Hurricane!

Does today’s title make no  sense?  Yeah, no.  No, it doesn’t.

I’ve been insanely busy and barely knitting at all, which is probably a large part of why I’ve been so scattered and insane the last couple weeks.  I finally got to green on my altar cloth though…

See!  I know, the yellow ring is disproportionately larger than the orange one and the green one is probably not going to be as wide as the yellow and so all the rings won’t be the same size, I know.  I’m not made of magic.  Here’s what I decided though about having one too many colors for pattern rings.  I’m adding another right.  The outer edging connects on every other row in a pattern of 16 rows with means that I need the previous ring to be an 8 stitch repeat or at least a multiple of 8 repeat.  The pattern for what is now the orange ring is an 8 stitch repeat so I’m going to increase again after the green ring, add another ring of chart B in blue and then move onto chart E in purple.  This way, the cloth will be even larger and each color gets its own ring which will look better anyway…even if all the rings aren’t the same width.

I have basically nothing else, knitwise, on my mind at this point.  I have no space for other projects in my head.  This is troubling since I need to pick missions for my BSG group.  Although, now I have an XO, so maybe I’ll pass that along to her.

…message sent…

Hm.  Someone just pointed out to me that my altar cloth currently sort of resembles Hurricane Sandy.  That’s kind of funny because I had a mild sort of panic attack last night about Sandy.  Likely the worst that will happen to us is the possibility of a power outage.  Still, everyone’s making such a big fat fucking deal out of it that I have become a little worried.  Snow storms are my thing.  I’m used to living in Pennsylvania and snowstorms are my wheelhouse.  Hurricanes are not.  Snowstorms are nice because once you’ve got your supplies then you can have hot chocolate and hang out.  Hurricanes are scary.  I live in the mountainous central region of Pennsylvania…I should not have to worry about hurricanes.

Deep breaths.

I won’t.  I will not worry about it.  I’m going to knit.

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