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October 1, 2012 / Gillian

The Next Color…

Before I move on to the post at large I want to say a word about my Four Cables Slouch.  (See…there’s a link…I hope.)  A couple people have expressed difficulty in downloading it or getting the link to work or whatever.  I don’t know why.  It’s a .pdf.  It’s in my WordPress media library.  I have tried every way I can think of and I can’t figure out why it’s not working for some people.  If you are one of those people then I sincerely apologize and would like to point you to my post entitled “Four Cables Slouch – The Blog Form!”  So hopefully that clears up the issue for most people and beyond that I can’t think what to do.

Okay.  Moving on.  I finished the color orange on my shawltar cloth!  That’s what I’m calling it.  It’s a shawl pattern that’s going to be an altar cloth…Shawltar cloth.  Go on, laugh derisively if you want, but I love a portmanteau.  I’ll show you a picture…

My orange turned out a little variagated, but I like it anyway.  Probably the green will be a little less than uniform as well.  Who knows, maybe they all will…except the red.  For some reason I make a really uniform red.  In any case, next I’ll be dyeing the yellow as soon as I stop being lazy about winding up half a skein.  I just keep thinking…I could just buy two more skeins of bare yarn and then just dye full skeins of the remaining colors and sure I’ll have extra but then I won’t have to worry about calculating and winding and re-winding.  It’s me being lazy.  Legitimately, though, I’m concerned about whether it’s going to be big enough.  In theory the completed radius of the thing is 27 inches, which means I’m looking at a 54″ diameter.  That should be fine….I think.  On Sunday I’ll be sure to measure the altar table to see what its front-to-back measurement is.  If I think it’s going to be too small I can always make it bigger.  No rushing though, this isn’t supposed to be finished until the end of November.

In the meantime, I need to think up some projects for October.  Speaking of October, I just remembered that I forgot to put up new missions rooms for my Battlestar Galactica Ravelry group.   Crap.  I shall add that to the list of things to do today.  At least this means that I have a little more time before I need to think up some more projects.  It is amazing, I feel like I have everything and nothing to do.

One thing I need to do is shower.  Today is my first day helping out in the computer lab at my munchkin’s school and I’d rather not be gross.

Happy Knitting!


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  1. anastasiamw / Oct 2 2012 5:33 pm

    That’s just beautiful!

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