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September 11, 2012 / Gillian

Strictly Knitting…

Hey everyone!  So, more recently in this blog I had decided to make a specific effort to stay on the subject of knitting and only move away from that where it’s specifically related.  But I have a big fat mouth and it needs to move constantly…sometimes via my fingers.  So I started a second blog.  It’s called Blogamashmorgblorg.  My son came up with the name.  I was seriously sitting around trying to think of something funny or clever (which, how often does that just not work, right?) and I turned to my five year-old and said “what should I call my blog?”  So that’s what he said and I love it.

Understand that on Blogamashmorgblorg I’m going to talk about everything and please remember that I’m a super lefty pinko commie liberal.  I may say things that are offensive and I will probably swear…even more than I do here.  Do I swear a lot?  In real life I do.  In my writing I attempt not to but sometimes it just has to happen.  Anyway, I just wanted to put it out there.  If you wouldn’t mind hearing – outside of knitting – what my particular brand of crazy is like then you’re welcome to check it out.


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