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September 7, 2012 / Gillian


What the fudge, people?  I’m so many posts behind.  I’m a sad and awful blogger and I don’t get things done.  Maybe I will get more things done now that my kid is in kindergarten.  He’s in what now?  Kindergarten.  That’s flipping insane.  I have lots of feelings about that, but I won’t bog you down with my weird squishy feelings.  What I will bog you down with is all kinds of knitting thoughts!  Aaargh!

Remember my Old Forge blanket?  I’ll remind you…

Well a couple weeks ago I got a message on my Ravelry account asking for help with this blanket.  For starters, I am always so happy to give anyone a hand with their knitting.  When I got started knitting (for the second time around) I didn’t really have people to turn to for advice so I was mostly flying blind.  While that lonely figuring it out for myself made me great at fixing mistakes, I am thrilled to be able to help people avoid the pitfalls that were my constant annoyance as a less experienced knitter.

So this knitter who I will call Knitter (with a capital K) had a problem with the rays coming out of the center circle.  She was just four rows into the ray section when she noticed that her second color was covering up the rays.  That’s a pretty huge bummer.  Happily, it’s the sort of issue that is easily noticeable and you don’t even have to tink (knit back your stitches…see because ‘tink’ is ‘knit’ spelled backwards.  Are knitters clever or what?).  As soon as I read her problem I knew instantly what she was doing and how to fix it.  Maybe you can guess as well.  I’ll give you a second…

Got it?

The answer is maybe easier if you know what that pattern is like.  In order to achieve these rays here’s what happens in the pattern.  You switch to your second color and knit around on the ray stitches you slip two stitches (which are still in the first color).  Next your purl a round, slipping the ray stitches again.  For the next two rows you work in the first color, which creates the striping and allows the rays to continue.  If you hadn’t guessed before you may have guessed now.  Her problem came with the slipped stitches.  One very tiny and unfortunate missed point in the directions is where to hold your yarn when you’re slipping the stitches.  This blanket is no so hard that an inexperienced knitter couldn’t do it, but what an inexperienced knitter may need to be told explicitly is to slip the stitches with the yarn in the back.  That’s probably especially important for the purled round because what feels natural is to hold the yarn where you’ve already got it (in front) and then keep knitting.

This is an easy fix though.  Super easy.  Crazy simple.  So let’s say that you have gotten through the two rounds in which you’re knitting with the second color and you’ve slipped the stitches with the yarn in front.  All you have to do is, on the next round, continue as written and when you get to the stitches that you have previously slipped carefully drop them off your needles and pull them in front of the second color yarn that’s blocking them.  Then put the stitches back on the needles, knit them and continue on your merry way.  Knitter messaged me back and let me know that my advice had helped and I’m so glad that it did.

In the meantime, you know of course that I knitted an OpArt blanket.  I also completed these little Steeler’s themed booties…

Aren’t they cute?  I thought it might be overkill…but I think I’m totally going to make a black and gold baby sweater.  The baby’s dad is a Bronco’s fan, so I get a little joy out of smothering his new child with Steelers gear.

I did this sweater for another friend’s upcoming baby…

But I’m not sure whether I like it and I may do another one instead.

Right at this moment I am knitting a little something for me.  I’m using my hand-dyed yarn to make some really loudly colored yoga socks.   Check out how loud they are, and also my cat mid-yawn…

Hehe…  I couldn’t help myself.  I have the sock folded over a bit to show the lack of heel.  Since they are yoga socks they won’t have a heel or toes.  It is a mind-crunchingly easy pattern that I highly recommend, especially if you’re like me and wish that you could live your life without anything on your feet.  I kind of always want my heels and toes out, but I also like socks.  I’m not sure why it took me so long to make these.

So that’s all for now.  We’ll see if I can post more regularly now that the munchkin is in kindergarten.  I’ll certainly have to find something else to keep me from doing too much housework!


Edited to add:  I almost forgot.  If you’re interested in that yoga socks pattern.  It’s free and it’s here.   Absolutely check it out.


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