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July 9, 2012 / Gillian


I have finished!  I did a crazy knit my fingers off to the finish and I completed my giant sweater and my Waters of Picon shawl.  Observe!

There’s the sweater and then…

There is the shawl.  And now we can breath a little.  A very little.

Today (hopefully actually this time) I’ll be starting my volunteering at Stepping Stones for Life.   It’s a really great summer program for at-risk middle kids of the 7-12 age range.  I will be teaching kids to knit, which I think is a fantastic skill to learn.  My feeling is that knitting is an awesome relaxing hobby.  It’s calming.  It increases manual dexterity.  And, not the least of all, it’s an amazing art form that allows for limitless expression and endless creativity and ingenuity.  In knitting you are only limited by your imagination.

I’ve heard a fair amount of crap about knitting and knitters in the last month or so.  Perhaps you heard about the USOC v. Ravelry debacle?  I mentioned it in an earlier post.  Knitters have gotten two apologies from the USOC and Ravelry has renamed the now unnameable competition.  This year we’ll be competing in the Ravellenic Games (which I personally think sounds cooler anyway).  The USOC can still suck it as far as I’m concerned.  I actually didn’t buy Chobani yogurt the other day when I noticed the @#!^%$ logo on it.

Then there was this little thing, more recently in England.  Because, you know, a sports announcer can’t imagine paying attention to the match and knitting simultaneously, clearly that means no one else can either.  I speak from a place of serious bias here because, while I enjoy recreational tennis once in a great long while, I find it boring as hell to watch.  It’s just a notch above golf for me.  I’m not sure whether I find it more or less boring than bicycle racing.  Sure, if you’re there live there’s always an energy in the crowd that makes the live event more thrilling…maybe even with golf.  Still, I think many knitters would agree that we just want something to do with our hands at all times.  And anyway, look at what she was knitting, it was a really simple scarf.  She probably barely had to look down at it at all!

Sunday I was offering to do a shawl for a basket giveaway that takes places at the end of July and I got a joking comment about how everyone’s looking for hand-knits in this heat.  If it hadn’t been a friend my head would have exploded.  As I mentioned previously, knitting is art.  I’m not saying it’s all beautiful, but every piece that anyone ever knitted was something they put time and effort into.  It takes you about five minutes to pay for a sweater at a store, but when your grandmother or your mom or your sister, or cousin, or whomever gives you a hand-made sweater they are handing you a piece of their soul.  That goes for any knitted item down to the smallest dishcloth.  Someone just gave you a little love.  Appreciate it.

Well, now I am free until the Ravellenic Games start on July 27.  I’m not sure what I’m going to knit until then.  For the games I’m planning on doing Stephen West’s Old Forge blanket, which I think I mentioned.  Probably I’ll be whipping up another finger-weight shawl/scarf for the basket giveaway that I mentioned.  Who knows.  Oh, and I’m thinking about starting an Etsy shop…for real.  So that’s terrifying.  There’s too much stuff going on.  Anyway, everyone have a lovely day and I’ll chat again when I get started on my next project!


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