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June 14, 2012 / Gillian

Dishcloths to the Rescue!!

Sometime nothing helps more than just finishing something.  Occasionally…lately more than occasionally…I get into these ruts with projects that are taking longer than I anticipated.   (I am no terribly patient.)  Sometimes I just need to take a break and finish something.  Today I popped out these two checkerboard dishcloths.   There are literally a dozen different checkerboard dishcloth patterns on Ravelry.  Here are my cloths…


They were very simple.  I cast-on 34.  I actually intended 36, but I said screw it, let’s do 34.  And I knitted a couple rows in garter stitch and then I did a 2 stitch garter boarder on each side with 6 sections alternating knit and then purl across.  I made each section six rows and then I switched to get the checkerboard effect.  It’s almost like a woven pattern, but less thought involved.  I love dishcloths.  They make you feel like you’ve done something and there are never too many.  I mean, who’s walking around their house say “oh bother, I have so many cleaning rags I don’t know what to do with them”?  I’ll tell you.  No one.  It’s not happening.  You can’t have too many dishcloths because even if they start piling up then you give some to a friend.  Save them for Christmas presents!  It’s too easy.

So that’s it then.  Do a dishcloth.  You’ll thank yourself and if you’ve got time leftover you might tip a hat in my direction!



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