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June 9, 2012 / Gillian

The Four Cable Slouch – Blog Form!

Well, I may never manage to get a blog post up, but fortunately I am actually on the computer way too often (or at least often enough to get my messages quickly).  It seems the pdf of my Four Cable Slouch was giving some trouble.  I tried the link myself and it was fine, but that’s me and it is my thing so…who knows.  Computers, am I right?  In any case, here is the full text of my Four Cables Slouch…


Four Cables Slouch

As a huge fan of both Tina Fey and slouchy berets, it makes me no end of thrilled that Liz Lemon is always wearing them on 30 Rock.  This particular slouch was inspired by a hat that Liz Lemon wore at the beginning of episode 9 of season 4.  Mine differs a bit.  The cables are smaller, for one thing.  Still, it always makes me think of Tina Fey and I love the way it turned out, so here I am to share it with you!

What you’ll need –

  • Size US8 (5mm) 16 inch circular needles
  • Size US9 (5.5mm) 16, 22, or 24 inch circular needles, and possibly size 9 dpns if you aren’t comfortable with magic loop
  • cable needle (you may not need a cable needle if you know how to cable without one. )
  • stitch markers
  • yarn needle


  • Size 8 – 11 rows and 10 sts/2 inches
  • Size 9 – 10 rows and 9 sts/2 inches

Abbreviations –
CO – cast-on
st(s) – stitch(es)
k – knit
p – purl
C6F – Cable six front (slide 3 stitches to cable needle, hold in front.  knit three stitches, knit three stitches from the cable needle)
kfb – knit front and back
k2tog – knit two together
p2tog – purl two together
inc – increase
sm – stitch marker
R – round

Directions –
With the size 8 needle, CO 74 sts
Place sm and join in the round.
Knit 9 rounds of k1, p1 ribbing.

Switch to size 9 needle.
Knit one round, increasing 38 sts evenly around.  You may increase in whatever what is most comfortable for you.  For my hat, I increased using a kfb.

Make sure you check after your increase round that you now have 112 stitches.
This hat uses a set of stitches that is repeated four times around the hat.  If you choose, you may place stitch markers between each pattern repeat.  If you  do so, make sure that those stitch markers are different from your beginning of round stitch marker.

R1 – [p1, k6, p1, (k2, p2) 5x] repeat this 4x around the hat
R2 – [p1, k6, p1, (k2, p2) 5x] 4x
R3 – [p1, k6, p1, (p2, k2) 5x] 4x
R4 – [p1, C6F, p1, (p2, k2) 5x] 4x
R5 – [p1, k6, p1, (k2, p2) 5x] 4x
R6 – [p1, k6, p1, (k2, p2) 5x] 4x
R7 – [p1, k6, p1, (p2, k2) 5x] 4x
R8 – [p1, k6, p1, (p2, k2) 5x] 4x

Repeat these 8 rounds four times total, then repeat rounds 1 – 4 one more time.

Decrease Rounnds
R1 – [k2tog 4x, (k2tog, p2tog) 5x] 4x – 56 sts
R2 – [k2tog 2x, (p2tog, k2tog) 2x, p2tog] 4x – 28 sts
R3 – k2tog, p2tog around – 14 sts
R4 – p2tog, k2tog around – 7sts

Cut  yarn and draw through the remaining sts.  Pull tight and weave in ends.
You could block this if you want to, but I never block my slouches.  It feels to me like it’s against their nature.  




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