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March 2, 2012 / Gillian

A Pindicament

Are you on Pinterest?  I am.  It’s a wormhole of internet crack.  No, it’s not a wormhole, it’s a black hole.  It has an event horizon from which no matter may escape.  It seems to be having issues right now, which is good because I have things to do.

My mission?  Dye some yarn and knit a hat.  Yesterday I started an afghan and that’s going fairly well.  Today the yarn which must be camo will be dyed or I will die trying.  It’s not that camo is really that hard to pull off.  Really I mean it’s splotches of green and brown and maybe a hint of black.  How hard is that?  In any case, it’s just not revving my engines.  When I see something camo I inevitably say (for example regarding a man with a camo hat), “Look!  There’s a man and the top of his head is missing!”  What I’m saying is that if you wear camo outside of situations of absolute necessity I kind of roll my eyes a little.  I don’t mind some camo cargo shorts every now and again, but it’s the people who wear camo constantly in some form that make my eyes roll in a fairly continuous way.  No matter, it must be done and so it will.

Le sigh.  I’d better get in gear or I’m never going to get done.


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