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March 1, 2012 / Gillian

Neglectful Much?

I’ve been away forever.  There is absolutely no use even recounting my life since last we met.  Business has occurred.  Tuesday I’ll be registering my kid for kindergarten.  How weird is that?  So between holidays and regular life and knitting things and learning to function it regular actual live society there’s too much to work on.

Let’s go over what’s on my plate at this moment.  I just started the Serenity blanket, the large version not the baby version.  My husband’s work friend requested matching hats for her and her son and matching socks for her and her daughter, both of which requests have gained my approval.  Why can’t I just say “I have said yes to”?  I had a teacher that was really stringent about not ending sentences with “to”.  It’s bad form, I suppose.  In any case, clearly there’s knitting to be done.

Oh, and I committed myself to dyeing nine skeins of yarn between January and the end of March and I’ve completed two.  Also, I promised a friend I’d dye her two worsted skeins of camo patterned yarn.  She bought me Color Smooshy.  How could I say no?

Apart from that, last month I volunteered to fill an open seat on my church’s board of directors.  Doesn’t that make me snazzy and grown up?  I’m a director.  I went to my first committee meeting last week.  And to make life more fun I’m committed to doing a service in May…a service which I am writing.  We’re a lay-lead church group so we kind of have to take turns or get guest speakers.  It’s a thing.  So I’m busy.  Possibly I might get myself to write a little more regularly, if only to get myself back into practice for the whole writing a sermon thing.  Let’s call it a message though?  Or a lesson?  I don’t know.  I’m always a little confused about what a Unitarian Universalist calls a sermon.  I think ‘message’ is a good term.  I’m sticking with that.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in and that’s where life is at in this moment and now I feel like I want to go to bed so that’s what’s going to happen.



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