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November 11, 2011 / Gillian

Been Knitting…

I’m knitting again.  Thank the gods.  It was this sweater that really returned enough mojo to put me back on track…

It turned out pretty nice.  I’ve also popped out two hats based on The Golden Compass and am still working tirelessly on my dad’s sweater.  I did have to frog back the first of the sleeves because I just didn’t like the way the directions made it turn out.  The sleeve looked like it had an underarm jowl so I decided to do it over and make the decreases more  gradual.  I like it much better this way.  Sleeve number two is very close to being finished.  In fact I might finish it today if I really get my shit together.  Once sleeve two is finish, according to the pattern, I should move on to knitting the rest of the body from the armpits down.  Personally, I’m thinking that I may finish off the neck so that when I get to the body part that it’ll really be the end.  Then when I finish what will probably be a whole week or more of going round and round on the same cable pattern and capping it off with several inches of ribbing that when I bind off…I’m done.  Well, I’ll have ends to weave in, but no more knitting parts.  That’s what I’m thinking.

Alice’s sweater is still very much in the works.  I still need to go back to Old Navy and try it on again and take some measurements.  I hate going to the mall, but I will find the time.

Today, I’m just trying to get my husband out the door for work.  Here’s hoping.

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