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October 23, 2011 / Gillian

Shamefacedly, I Return…

This is what I get for ramping up expectations; a full-on, no holds barred, total inspirational shutdown.  Deep down, inside, I could feel the sweater going wrong but it wasn’t until I finished the front and back that I realized that the sizing was off.  It wasn’t wide enough, it was too long…  It was in the days leading up to this let down that I shied away from writing.  I had nothing to say.  Failure was in the air.

The end of the month is in sight though and I have missions to finished for the Battlestar Galactica Fleet Power Battle.  I can’t let down my shipmates.  Earlier this week I made a hat for my munchkin.  Then, tentatively, I started working on my dad’s sweater again.  Today I finished a double-knit checkerboard coaster.  They were little things, but they add up.

Yesterday I came to the official determination that I needed to stop and make myself a sweater.  That sounds like it doesn’t make sense, probably.  I know.  Today I went out and got some yarn and I’m making a black and purple striped $5 in Paris sweater, except I’m making it with long sleeves.  It’s cold out there guys!  I started it this evening, and for the first time all month I am eager to knit.  My fingers are reinvigorated with new life.

It’s possible that I may make Alice’s sweater a February birthday present instead of a Christmas present, but I will get it done.  I needed a fresh look.  I plan on going in to Old Navy again and trying on the sweater she liked and taking a tape measure to get some concrete measurements.  Maybe I was just flying blind?  Who knows.  I do occasionally walk into big projects wildly unprepared.  Nevertheless, I now feel at least like it can be accomplished, so that’s something.


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