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October 9, 2011 / Gillian

The List

I thought today I’d just try to make a list of my holiday knitting goals.   So here we go.

  • Alice – sweater
  • Dad – sweater
  • Mom – shawl
  • Jera – scarf/shawlette
  • Matthew – YSU colored scarf and maybe hat
  • Teddy – super-sized Mario mushroom toys
  • (maybe if I have time) Justin – sweater
Why do I feel like I have so much to do this year?  My list is really not that long but it feels endless.  Mom’s thing is done and Jera’s thing is done.  I don’t think I’ll even have to buy yarn to make the mushrooms for Teddy.  Is it all the sweaters?  All the sweaters…there are two, maybe three.  I can finish three sweaters before Christmas.
My problem is that I’m an instant gratification knitter.  Minimally, I need to see progress happening.  For the last week I’ve felt really stalled out.  Clearly I’m making some progress on Alice’s sweater.  And really, once I get the front done the finishing touches on it won’t even take me a whole day.  My Dad’s sweater is the thing that’s really hanging over my head.  I need to have my husband try on what I’ve got so far so that I can gauge how it’s going and whether the sleeve is working out.  The number of stitches I picked up for the first sleeve felt like too much to me.  I could be wrong though, wouldn’t be the first time.  If there’s one thing I’m mostly learned to pay attention to when I’m knitting is the nagging feelings.  If something is nagging at me, then I need to stop and take a breath and figure out what it is.
Tomorrow is knit night.  I desperately hope the crazy lady takes a week off.  It’s hard to have fun, light conversations when someone keeps dragging everyone to crazy town.  Not even fun crazy town.  Semi-depressed crazy town.  I know that sounds ungenerous of me, and it is, but knit night is where I go to unwind.  Tomorrow is also the only day that I don’t have to drive my husband to work this week.  We only have one car and he works pretty near home.  This week my son starts preschool so maybe that’s part of my scatter brain.  It’s a new week.  Time to take a deep breath and start all over.

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