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October 8, 2011 / Gillian

The Alice: An Experiment

Alice is a complicated woman and maybe a complicated sweater too.  I fear her construction may not be as simple as I  had once hoped.  It’s the neck that I’m worrying about.  I’m afraid that I should find some way to make the neck line dip down a little in the front and holy shit I just figured it out.  Seriously.  I’m not even kidding you, literally as I typed that sentence I suddenly knew how to do it.  Duh!  It’s so easy and it was right in front of my face the whole time!!

So, for most sweaters that have a just standard round neck hole the back of the sweater goes sort of straight across the shoulders, but in the front of the sweater there’s usually a bit of a dip in the front and I was thinking yesterday while I was knitting, after I had finished one side that the cowl neck just wasn’t going to look right if both pieces went straight across the neck back and front it would sit weird and you’d never know which side was back and which was front but literally not two minutes ago it just came to me and I can’t believe how dumb of me not to realize it right away.  I was completely bugging out because I thought I was going to have to rethink the whole design, but I got it!   All I have to do is take exact measurements of the piece I already have and decide where and how wide I want the neck to be.  From there all I have to do is determine how big that dip needs to be and then I just decrease along one side followed by mirrored increases and bang!

Damnit, I am so smart.  You know, most of the time I wouldn’t just come out and say it, but moments like this make me feel really awesome.  Will I run into some stupid problem tomorrow?  Maybe.  Who cares?!  I figured it out, I figured it out.  I’m singing that.  Oooh, I’m a smarty pants.

If none of that made any sense I’m totally sorry, but epiphanies are totally a cheap thrill.  If I weren’t so crazy tired I would march right downstairs and start measuring this second.  I am tired though, and I’d like to get the measurements right and, while I am riding the high of a light-bulb moment, I don’t think my brain is in tip-top condition.  I sound way rambly right now.

So, brain fart now conquered, I’m going to cut this transmission short.  Before I do that though, I just wanted to say that I’m really sad that my post yesterday didn’t actually go out until fifteen after midnight today so my twenty-one day experiment is technically kaput.  I’m continuing though, because yesterday’s post was handwritten before I posted it and the handwriting happened prior to midnight.  In fact the typing started prior to midnight so I will count it as having happened on the seventh and since I’m getting in what is technically a second post on today – the eighth – I will say that I’m solid.  Huzzah!


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