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October 6, 2011 / Gillian

Day 7: Knitting for the Holidays

That time is here again.  The holidays are on their way and I’ve been knitting about it for a month already.  September through mid December is my prime gift-knitting season.  Around the end of August or the beginning of September I make a list of what I’m knitting for whom.  Last year it was a pretty exhaustive list.  This year I’ve scaled back some.  Maybe that’s going to be my pattern.  I’ll really go all out every other year.  I don’t want people to get bored of my hand-knits.

This year my big deal is going to be a sweater for my dad.  I’ve discussed it a little.  Hopefully it gets oohs and aahs.  My other big thing is the sweater I’m designing for my BFF.  I’m having some design second thoughts about that one, but I’m not ready to discuss that yet.

Happily I’ve already finished two gifts, a shawl for my mom and a scarf for my sister-in-law.  The scarf is really something.  I hand dyed a skein of Knit Picks Bare Merino Superwash and made a Magrathea out of it.

You can’t get a fantastic idea of the color.  It’s really way better than it photographs.

I’m actually sort of ambivalent about my holiday knitting this year.  In previous years I just knew immediately what I was going to make and for who…but this year I’ve wavered a lot.  I’m making a red and white scarf for my brother, Matthew.  Red and white are YSU’s colors and that’s his alma mater.  I feel like I should make something for my brother Justin, but I don’t know what.  Last year before he left for Afghanistan I and some friends from my Battlestar Galactica knitting group made hats for him and his Marine unit.  I personally made ten balaclavas and I think also ten regular keeping your head warm hats.  I was thinking about making him a sweater too, but I don’t know if I’m going to have time.  It depends on how fast my dad’s sweater goes and whether I can really get the Alice done this month.

Beyond those projects I don’t really know if I’m up for much else this year.  I’m feeling like I’ve hit a slump.  It happens occasionally.  I’m knitting like wildfire one day and the next everything seems lame and boring.  I’ll get over it.  I always do.

This is a weird thing but, I think I need a new bag.  I just have this weird feeling that if I got a new bag then I could totally get back into the swing.  If I just had a rocking bag to organize everything into.  Organization helps too.  Sometime I find myself feeling swamped and just taking some time to reorganize my stuff is like a breath of fresh air.

Tomorrow is Friday so we’l see if that doesn’t help a little.  In the meantime though, today is day seven.  That’s one week down and two to go.


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