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October 2, 2011 / Gillian

Day 3: Challenge of the BFF

My BFF is full of awesome.  Is yours?  So, like many people, I have a best friend and I’m not just saying that so that you know that I do in fact have at least one friend.  Seriously.  I really do have friends.  Anyway, I would do anything for my best friend and this theoretical anything also exists in the world of knitting.  You can’t get better at something if you don’t challenge yourself, but sometimes challenging yourself can be scary so it’s nice to have an outside challenger.  In this case, my best friend Alice.

She saw a sweater at a store and she liked the basic design of it, but it didn’t come in blue which to her is pretty much a crime.  Additionally, as with so many store-bought sweaters, the yarn was a less than snugly quality and so the clear solution to this dilemma was to text me a picture of it and say, “hey, can you make this?”  As previously mentioned, I would do anything for her.  Actually, I’m nearly physically incapable of saying no to her, so I said yes.  Don’t mistake me, I am super excited about this project.  It stretches my horizons in new and exciting ways.  In this instance, it has pushed me to design a sweater.  Really it’s like if a poncho and a sweater got together and had a baby, that’s what this will be.

My minimal design experience has dealt predominantly with hats and some small sundries, and so to add some flare to the challenge of simply knitting a sweater-poncho based on something I saw in a store I’ve decided to actually write up a pattern for it.  Yarn has been purchased and plans have been laid.  I can’t say more tonight because I waited far too long to blog it out this evening, but in the spirit of my 21 day adventure I couldn’t go to bed without putting out anything.  Anyway, yesterday’s post was really long and today’s is really short…that evens out.  Right?


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