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May 6, 2011 / Gillian

Missing: Presumed Knitted

Did I knit myself into insanity?  No.  Sort of.  Not really.  It’s possible I got shawled out.  I guess before I go into how missing I’ve been I’ll show you what I’ve finished…

That’s my Hitchhiker shawlette.  I love how the color turned out.  There is no possible way that this skein of yarn could have been better suited to anything else.  The design of this piece is so genius and simple and gorgeous.  I finished this piece in mid-April and moved on to this…

It’s nothing super fancy.  It’s the Orchard Hill shawl.  To be perfectly honest, it’s kind of a throw away.  At some point if I needed a gift shawl for someone who likes blue, I would be perfectly comfortable giving this away.  Alternately, it’s comfy and warm and I would certainly use it around the house in the winter.

Oh snap, looking back, I realized that I’ve been gone so long I didn’t even post my Caireen!  The finished piece, at least.

I still have to mail this off to my bestie.  Hm.  Bestie.  I’m not sure I enjoy that term.  Whatever, anyway.  It’s for my best friend in the world ever.  She’s a confirmed cable addict and so I made her this shawl.  I’ve been gone for a long ass time.

So if we move back in time to the Orchard Hill shawl, I can illuminate what happened.  The Orchard Hill was finished at approximately 5:20pm the Friday before Easter.  As it happened, we went to my husband’s parents’ house for the weekend of Easter.  We had decided to leave Friday evening after he got home from work.  There I was, racing to finish this shawl for what reason I couldn’t possibly tell you only to suddenly realize that I did not have a next project planned.  I had no clue what to do next.  With so many other things I had to do in the next half hour before we left I absolutely didn’t have time to figure out a new project.  Befuddled and bewildered, I decided to pick a book.  Upon perusing my book shelf my eyes quickly discovered The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.  Am I so glad I remembered I had that book?  Yes.  I’d never read it before and it was freaking awesome.  The only bad thing about The Handmaid’s Tale was that it was only like 300 pages long and so I finished in in 24 hours.

Having finished one book in a day, I still had the whole weekend left and a fair amount of reading time ahead of me.  We were in Lewistown so the only place I could get a book that wasn’t from a Christian bookstore was Walmart.  They had exactly two acceptable books, but the one in my price range was a paperback of George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones.  I felt a little tacky about it since HBO just made it a tv show and everything, but holy crap that book was awesome.  It was so awesome that I finished it in about three days and immediately went out and bought the next book in the series.  I am currently between books because I’m waiting for the Kindle that my husband ordered for me for my birthday.  As it happens though, Amazon apparently is waiting until fucking judgement day to ship it to me.

In the meantime I have discovered a sweater that has totally readjusted my knitting mojo.  Now I’m feeling totally on fire about it.

It’s the $5 in Paris sweater.  This thing is such an easy knit.  Hopefully I won’t have finished in by the time my freaking Kindle gets here.


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