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April 4, 2011 / Gillian

No Plan But Inspiration

Sometimes you have to work for inspiration.  Fate doesn’t necessarily always intervene to throw a really awe-inspiring pattern in front of your face, and that’s my deal at the moment.  Luckily though, I’m feeling optimistic about knitting because I’ve conquered yet another challenge.  I’m currently blowing through the beaded edging of my Evenstar Shawl.   Behold…

Eh?  Rare and wonderful.  Let me give you a close-up…

That’s better.  I had to start it twice, but in this case the second time was a charm.  In fairness, the first time was around ten o’clock at night and my heart just wasn’t in it.  The next morning, though, I really went for it with a renewed vigor and totally owned it.   Finishing this piece is going to feel like pure victory, which is something I could really use right now.  My three year-old is going through a really delightful phase of awfulness, so knitting is more my escape than ever.

It seems like a shawl month.  Also on my plate currently are the Pogona by Stephen West…

I’m using my hand-dyed  yarn for this.  Once that’s finished I’ll hopefully be starting on Caireen.  Caireen will be a shawl for my bff, Alice.  She’s the only person on earth allowed to make knitting demands of me.  This time she wanted a warm shawl with cables.  Really she wanted celtic knots, but they’re not easy to find on shawls.  There are certainly a number of pattern options, but not any that I really wanted to do right now.  I felt like Caireen would do the trick.  It can be a shawl or a scarf and it’s knit with worsted weight yarn so it’ll be warm.  For Alice though, I’ll be switching from a luxury yarn to a delightful but more serviceable Caron Simply Soft.  After all, she’s a mother of two small children who is also a preschool teacher.  Hand-wash only is just not a nice thing to do to her.  I made her a table runner that’s hand-wash only, but that’s different.  I wouldn’t make her a hand-wash only wearable.  In any case, assuming she approves the pattern – she’s also the only person to whom I allow the honor of pattern approval – I’ll begin it as soon as I finish my Pogona.

So that’s what I’m up to right now.  I’m feeling refreshed, and spring seems to actually be on the way, so it’s all good things.


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