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March 29, 2011 / Gillian

Pushing It

My wrist hurts.  It’s this frakking cold, I think.  All my joints are begging for mercy in the form of a warm, sunny day.  Certainly I should find my ace bandage and wrap my poor little wrist before I go to bed.  Hopefully the ace bandage is somewhere upstairs, otherwise my wrist may have to tough it out.

I drank too much coffee this evening, which is really awful for being able to get to sleep.  Why do I do it to myself?  Probably I was overly busy thinking about the possibility of getting my gloves done tonight.  I didn’t.  They’ll definitely be finished tomorrow, though.  This evening I got done with the whole hand and the index and middle fingers which are the longest.  Also I got not quite half the last ring finger done.  Tomorrow then it’ll just be the end of the ring finger, the pinky and the thumb.   The thumb will be super quick, it’s all stockinette.  Then the real bitch will be weaving in.  With gloves you’ve got to sew up the holes between the fingers.  As well, I find turning the fingers inside out to weave in ends is a pain in the ass.  Probably it’s not such a pain for larger fingers, but my fingers are relatively small which translates to small glove fingers.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that the gloves will be off tomorrow…cast-off that is.  Winky winky.  There’s some knitting humor for you.

The other day my lovely Joann Fabrics had the beads I needed for the edging of my Evenstar shawl and so now that’s really all I can think about.  I’m hot to get it done.  I’ve finally got to the second skein of laceweight yarn and now that I can sort of see the end in sight it’s all I can think about.  That’s probably one reason – among many – that I don’t feel like doing the gloves.  Really, they’re going to be such pretty gloves it’s a shame that I’m not loving the process more.  Nevertheless, it’s the shawl that’s on my mind.

Do you know what else is on my mind?  What’s next?  Clearly I have to do something other than the shawl next month.  Minimally I have to do one other project, and almost certainly I’ll want to do all four ready rooms for the BSGFPB.  I have exactly no idea what I want to do.  Maybe that’s a good thing.

This past week I was talking to my girl Becca about complicated patterns and about how so many patterns seem to be more complicated than they need to be, mostly through a lack of basic instructions.  For example, these gloves that I’m finishing up.  They’re beautiful gloves and the pattern is really quite nice and adjustable, but it doesn’t really give you any instruction on how you should adjust it to the right size.  All the makings of a fantastically individualized pattern are right there…except that you have to figure out how it was meant to be done yourself.  Now that I’ve had one time through it, I could definitely do it no problems on a second try.  This time I think everything’s good except that the thumbs aren’t as snug as I’d like.  They aren’t awful.  They’re fine.  It’s something I can live with and it doesn’t look bad, but I know it could have been better.

I’ve only really been focused on knitting for about two and a half years and I think that in that time I’ve learned a pretty immense amount.  I always want to learn new things, to pick up new techniques.  Becca said her experience with crochet is that the more advanced the patterns often the more convoluted they become.  I’ve found that to be true with knitting as well, and I think unnecessarily so.  It’s always good to push your boundaries.  Still, it would be nice sometimes to have a little extra explanation…

I’m tired.  Time to go to bed.


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