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March 14, 2011 / Gillian

Never Give Up (When Appropriate)

Last night I conquered the Aran Necklace Camisole, albeit with a few alterations…

I’m thrilled about it.  It didn’t end up wanted to be as fitted as I intended, but sometimes a piece has a mind of its own and I’m okay with that.  If your work hasn’t got its own soul then what is it?

I hope to re-model it once I’ve gotten something really adorable and springy to wear under it, and a new pair of shorts.  When I approached the end it didn’t want to be finished the way that I had thought.  The finish had been something I was ruminating all day.  What I ended up doing was a 2 by 2 twisted rib.  I didn’t want to do a straight up rib and I felt that the twisting of the knit stitches in the rib would bring a continuity between all the cables on the neckline.  I like it.

Next on the agenda is designing something.  First I had thought fingerless gloves, but now I’m thinking smaller, maybe a coffee cup holder.  I’m staying daring though by doing something with a colorwork patter, double knit, in the round.  Will I release a pattern for whatever it becomes?  Possibly.  Likely it’ll be free.  More news as the creative juices flow…


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