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March 9, 2011 / Gillian


After figuring out yesterday that there was actually no twisting on my camisole, I got a chance to try it on.  It wasn’t right.  It was too big and on one side of the necklace I think I picked up the stitches in the wrong place.  Anyway, I decided to rip it all out and start over.  Luckily, this yarn lends itself to easy frogging.  My only challenge was finding and undoing the ends that I’d already woven in.  When I weave in an end, it stays that way.

While frogging, I did some thinking about what changes I wanted to make when I started again.  First, I’m moving down to a 37.5″ bust.  Even though my bust measures 39.5″, the 40″ bust size seemed ridiculously huge on me.  The next things were more to do with a preference of techniques and a variance of tastes.  The armholes on this camisole are gigantic, and on a person who makes the size 32″ bust that’s probably okay, but on a larger bust the big armholes begin to look like you’re wearing a really fancy man’s gym tank top.

How do I fix the armhole issue?  For starters, after I finish the neck I’ll be picking up stitches on the front first and using that as my guide to how long the back should be before I join the two sides and not the other way around.  This should fix the armhole issue, but then I have to deal with the fact that while my bust is 39.5″, my waist is only 32″.  For that issue I’ve decided that I’m going to add decreases on the sides, and then probably once I reach the waist I’ll start increasing toward my hips (which are 39″).  What is the point in having this totally bangin’ hourglass if I’m not going to show it off, right?  Those are the stylistic concerns that I’ll be fixing, for the sake of making this garment look perfect on my body.

There will also be some minor nit-picky technique things.  First thought on that point, the strap join.  Why am I casting on 8 stitches, working around the collar back to 8 stitches and then sewing it together?  This is insane.  Solution?  I cast-on 8 stitches with a provisional cast-on and then when I get to the other end, instead of binding off I’ll do a kitchener stitch graft.  Why that isn’t in the original pattern is beyond me.  Are the provisional cast-on and the kitchener graft too spicy?  Maybe, I don’t know.

At this point I’m not sure whether there may be other changes that I’ll make, but I’ll certainly keep you abreast of any other changes.


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