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March 7, 2011 / Gillian

Monday Cometh

The word ‘Monday’ is exhausting.  Yesterday I got back from a quick and very nearly painless weekend at my parents’ house.  Almost painless.  It was going so, so well until…let’s not talk about it suffice to say that while I know my Dad means well, sometimes he could just let things be a little more organic.

This evening two women from my church are coming over.  My husband and I being the young and the hip at church, we’ve volunteered to get the church’s website revamped and get the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Blair County into the facebook age.  Lisa and Cathy are a delight, but any time I have someone over to my house the first time I categorically flip out about how my house looks.  Today couldn’t be an ordinary day either.  My son had two potty accidents, both poop related.  Both accidents caused me to have to bathe him.

Meanwhile I went through the usual BSGFPB stuff, read the posts…which reminds me I need to link the form for VT/RT midterms…revealed a sleeper agent.  That was exciting.

Oh…I took up twittering.  Tweeting.  Whatever.  Here I am, I’m @DrPurloknitz.  Last night my girl djinnj got followed by EJO (Edward James Olmos)  himself.  Then, this morning, Teefury is having a bit of a vote on whether to make a WOW/monty python spoof shirt and they were only doing it via tweets.  So after more than a year of specifically avoiding getting sucked into the twittosphere, I have officially become a twit.

I shall hip you to my latest project.  This weekend I got to start my Aran Necklace Camisole.  Here’s my progress as of yesterday…

Jazzy.  I’ve actually finished the neck and moved on to the beginning of the back.  I’m nervous about whether it’s going to turn out right.  Having lost a fair amount of weight I still have huge jugs but a much smalled waist and clothing sizes aren’t usually made to account for that sort of thing.  Hopefully it’ll be okay.  That yarn is Knit Picks Cotlin in Linen.  I’m enjoying working with it.  I decided, by the way, to go with the 40″ bust because the pattern is said to have 1-2″ ‘negative ease’.  What’s that, you ask?  Positive ease is when a piece of clothing is larger than you, thus negative ease is when a piece is actually smaller than the size it is intended to fit.  This is because knitted items generally have some stretch to them, thus negative ease makes a slimmer fit.  However, if a pattern has negative ease, if you’re unsure which of two sizes to go for, go for the larger size.  I measured my bust at about 38.5″, thus I went 40 instead of 37.5.  I just hope upon hope that it fits okay.  I’m going to suck it up and follow the directions.



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