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January 23, 2011 / Gillian

What is your NAME?!

Meet Unnamed Beret…

Unnamed Beret, these are my readers.  I designed this lovely beret this week.  She isn’t what I intended when I started out, but she sure is pretty.  One of my BSGFPB (Battlestar Galactica Fleet Power Battle) buddies has already test knit her pattern, finding only two relatively small errors.  This is excellent news.  After she is test-knit a second and possibly third time it is my fervent wish to publish her and share her loveliness with all the knitters of the world…possibly for a small fee (we’ll get to that later).  My problem is thus – I don’t know what to call her!

Because the beret had no direct inspiration other than boredom there isn’t really a ready jumping off point for the naming process.  I suppose my last hat had four cables and I named it Four Cables.  This hat has eight cables but that’s not really a naming trend I want to start.  The thought of twisting vines had occurred to me, but if you went to Ravelry and did a pattern search for ‘twisiting vines’ you’d see that this is no longer an option.  There are quite nearly an army of patterns with names like ‘twisting vine’ this or ‘twisted vine’ that.

Here’s what it did make me think of, but I’m not sure how to parlay it into a proper name.  Are you familiar with Ghostbusters?  I’m sure you are.  Anyway, when the Ghostbusters are shooting their proton guns and the streams meet…see where I’m going?  That’s what I thought of when I saw the larger cables combining in the center.

In any case, a name has not made itself apparent yet.  Suggestions would not be frowned upon.

Moving back to the possibility of selling this pattern.  Ravelry makes it possible to offer patterns for whatever charge you should decide.  Having looked through a number of hats for sale, I feel confident that mine is at least as good as most of the other hats for sale.  We’ll see what my test knitters think.  If I do decide to sell it, I think I’ll make it a three dollar pattern.  After all, I’m not really an established designer, but the hat itself is pretty and has piqued a fair amount of interest.  As I said, I’m still undecided on this point.


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