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January 14, 2011 / Gillian

At It Again

With any lucky I’ll be posting the pattern for this little number…

Four Cables Slouch

…tomorrow.  I’ll get better pictures tomorrow in the light with my actual camera.  And I realize that you can only see one cable there.  Really, there are four cables.  The name is a bit on-the-nose.  It’s inspired by a slouchy beret that Tina Fey wore as Liz Lemon on an episode of 30 Rock, episode 9 of season 4 – to be exact.  I made the original hat quite awhile ago, but on the suggestion of a friend – and in the spirit of already being in a pattern-making mood – I decided to write out a pattern for this too.

Copious notes were taken.  The starting point was the original blurb from the first hat and then basically I re-made the hat and just tried to really make a note of everything as I went.  It does – as I find most slouches do – fit a big snug in the band at first.  With all my slouches the band starts out snug and then gets loose as you wear it.  This experience has led me to the belief that it’s the best way to go.  If your band starts out rather loose then it can only get more loose and eventually it’s just too loose.  So I say start a bit snug and after the first wear or two it feels exactly right.  Don’t get carried away though.  It shouldn’t be cutting off your circulation, just snug…cozy, if you will.

I need to get my wedding band sized.  That’s the thing itself you can see there on my middle finger.  Losing all that weight is delightful for looking and feeling great but it’s left my wardrobe positively bare and my finger jewelry utterly useless.  My mother-in-law got me this really cute ring (that I picked out for myself) from Lia Sophia and I need to have her send it back for the next size down.  It was supposed to go on my middle finger, but I can’t really wear it because if I gesture too strongly it goes flying off.  No worries, though.


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