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January 5, 2011 / Gillian

Holiday Reflections and Sliding Back Into Normalcy

Christmas is sort of a grab bag of happy and angry for me.  I  like the season.  The food is great.  Family is fun (for awhile).  Presents are mostly fun both to give and to receive.  These days I get tired of hearing about ‘keeping Christ in Christmas’.  It happens pretty early on.  As a non-Christian it kind of irks me.  I keep thinking, hey, if you want to keep Christmas so Christ-y how about giving up all the Pagan trappings of the holiday so it can stay really pure? Hm?  No takers?  There never are.  Whatever though.  The Pagan trappings of Christmas make it easier for me to celebrate Yule without people pointing fingers or asking questions.  I like to keep my spirituality to myself, and thus I will say no more about it.

The week is going quickly enough.  We’re already to Wednesday.  I’m working on knitting a shawl and also getting my house back in order.  The Christmas tree is still up.  It’s slowly becoming a skeleton of its former self.  We get a real tree every year and it’s usually around the week of Christmas that I start forgetting to water it.  I love the earth and all her foliage-clad children, but a green-thumb I am not.

Here’s my working in progress, by the way.

Icarus Shawl - in progress

I really enjoy lace.  There’s something about how a shawl can be for awhile really tedious but then suddenly frantically complicated that appeals to me.  Right now I’m in the really tedious part.  It’s not long before I get to the really fancy lace part of it.  At least the build-up is worth the pay-off.

While folding laundry today I decided that I’m starting a new post-New-Year’s tradition.  I’m calling it “Good Will Weekend”.  It will be the weekend after the New Year, and during it all the shit that we don’t need or want which is able to be donated shall be donated.  This year, in particular, I have to get rid of a boatload of clothes.  Over the past  year I’ve lost almost sixty pounds, so I’ve got more clothes that don’t fit me than do…in a good way.  Also my son has like his entire life worth of clothes that just need to go.  At first I was saving them for if we had another kid.  Or also, if my brother-in-law and sister-in-law decided to have another one.  My husband’s brother got a vasectomy this year though, so I think it’s safe to say that they’re done.  Meanwhile, all this shit is just taking up space in my house.  It’s a New Year, and I need less crap.  Everybody wins.

Also the tree is coming down this week.  It’ll have to wait until Saturday, but it must go.  I need my house to be normal again.  Somehow I can’t clean until the decorations go away.  I feel like I’m living in limbo.


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