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January 3, 2011 / Gillian

I’ve Got Wood…


Why would I ever not make a phallic joke about knitting needles?   No matter what anyone ever says, I will always find dick and fart jokes hilarious.  I can’t help it.  Maybe that makes me about as mature as a twelve year-old boy but I don’t care.  Moving on…

When I started knitting my tool kit was a collection of extremely old metal and some plastic needles.  Those were what I learned on, and – though I can’t really quantify this – I would say that most people probably learn on metal or plastic needles.  Bamboo is definitely also very much out there now, thanks to Clover.  In my heart of hearts though, the needles that I love passionately and above all others are Knit Picks Harmony Wood needles.   Are they paying me to say this?  No.  Wouldn’t that be cool though?  I would love to get paid to tell you about how awesome their needles are, but I’m going to tell you for free.

What pushed me to acquaint myself with Harmony Wood needles was my first lace project.  I was still a relatively new knitter tackling a pretty ambitious project and lace felt very foreign to me.  I tried metal needles which were great because they were super pointy, but they are also metal and so very slippery.  My yarn was all over the place and I’m dropping stitches left and right, it was a mess.  I couldn’t deal with it so I went to my local yarn store and got a pair of bamboo needles.  Problem solved, right?  Wrong.

The bamboo needles weren’t slippery, I could certainly keep my stitches on.  The problem with my bamboo needles was that the tips were so blunt I couldn’t grab stitches.  I may actually have banged my head on a desk; I was so frustrated.  Finally, I decided to give Knit Picks a chance, and it was the beginning of what I’m pretty sure will be a life-long love affair.  The wood needles were so pointy you could kill vampires with them.  They’re so beautifully lacquered that they have a really nice slide without your stitches slipping all over like they’re ice-skating drunk.   And – added bonus – they’re really pretty, and who doesn’t love that?

I just wanted to forget about the holidays for a moment, because there will be time to stew about that later.  Just this moment I needed to take some time out and shout to the world that if you haven’t tried wood needles, you need to do it.  Right now.


I’m serious.


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