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December 29, 2010 / Gillian

Knitting Through the Holidays

Yesterday I put up a finished picture of my new February Lady Sweater on my Facebook page and someone commented that they wished they could find the time to get this good at knitting.  My response was that I have to knit this much.  If I didn’t I would spend my days banging my head against a wall.

February Lady Sweater, aka December Delight

I love my little munchkin, but sometimes he makes me mildly crazy.  Okay, he makes me very crazy nearly all the time.  Knitting is sanity.

Knitting is zen.

Knitting is complete relaxation.

There is nothing that can zone me out like knitting.  I certainly can still pay attention to things.  I can watch TV while I knit, or have a conversation.  Probably, if I had a book stand or an e-reader I could even read and knit simultaneously.  The act of holding needles and yarn evens me out.  It’s totally possible for me to be aggravated and knitting at the same time, but I know whatever I’m doing is going to be awful.  In my head things slow down and being calm is the only way to function.  The knitting comes out better, and if I’m being calm for the purpose of knitting then that calm sort of oozes out into everything else I’m doing, be it making sure that the muchkin isn’t destroying something or having what might otherwise be an obnoxious conversation with my husband.  (This is not to say that all conversations with my husband are annoying, but occasionally he enjoys debating a topic for the sake of debating it and I just don’t.  If we agree, why can’t we just agree?  Right?)

Besides the calming effect of knitting, if you haven’t experienced the sheer joy of creating something useful with your own hands then you need to get on it…now.  I’m serious, go do something.

Anyway, so maybe the first thing you make is a scarf.  It’s flat; it’s a rectangle, not hard at all.  When you finish that simple rectangle and swish it around your neck the first time, you will just want to go out in the cold.  You’ll go outside and think, “hey, my neck is warm, and do you know why?  I’m wearing a scarf and I made it myself.”  It’s really exhilarating.  Then once that one thing is made, you want to make something else.  Imagine the thrill of a sweater!  You work on it, maybe for weeks even.  Of course, by the time you’re up to sweaters you may have the time down a bit.   Nevertheless, let’s say it takes a few weeks.  You finish that sweater.  You weave in that last end and finally, finally you get to put it on and know that it’s done.  The thing is complete.  Assuming it’s a success story – let’s go ahead and assume that – you’re going to want to wear it out and people will comment on it.  At least one person you know is going to say, “Oh, that’s a nice sweater.  Did you make it?”  Probably they know you knit, I mean, how can you help gushing about it, right?  And you get to say, “why, yes!  I did make this sweater.”  Perhaps you regale them with a tale or two of its creation.  They ‘ooh!’ and ‘aah!’ over your work.  I’m getting chills.  It really is exciting.  And even if no one comments you’re not even going to care because you know that you’re walking around wearing a thing that you made and as far as you’re concerned that’s just fucking awesome.  Yes, ‘f’ word necessary.

I love knitting.  If you haven’t tried it, you should.


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  1. relynndare / Jan 2 2011 9:54 am

    Love this! And you are looking AMAZING!

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