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December 20, 2010 / Gillian

When Your Plans Go Down the Drain, But Nothing Else Does…

Today started out so productively, didn’t it?  Plans.  I should know better.  Exercising went well, other than the munchkin asking me if I was done every five minutes.  Things took a meandering turn when I brought my yarn and dyes downstairs.  I discovered that I’m out of vinegar.  Vinegar is essential.  It helps the dye stay.  Whatever though.  The husband will go to the store and get me some after work.  No big deal.

The day sort of went into neutral from there.  Lunch was had.  In an attempt to get the muchkin to semi-nap I let him watch a movie while chilling on daddy’s recliner.  No napping, or really even any semblance of napping happened.  I figured while he was quasi-docile I’d go to the kitchen and make these oreo truffles I had gotten supplies for this weekend.  Still, everything’s okay.  The truffles got made.  I think I went upstairs for a bit and then at some point it was decided that muchkin and I would play video games, which mostly entails me playing some Wii game while he pretends to play.  We settled on Lego Batman and I said I had to check the laundry first.

And that’s where it all went wrong.

Several weeks ago we had some plumbing issues due to roots growing into our drainage pipe.  This is one of many reasons I love renting.  I just call my landlord and it gets handled.  Well, mostly handled.  Last night, the husband mentioned he noticed the right-hand kitchen sink wasn’t draining very fast.  I sort of pushed it out of my head.  Then I went to switch the laundry from washer to dryer only to discover that my washer had drained all over the bloody laundry room floor.  Fists clenched, I went after the phone and called my landlord.  I decided that while I had him on the phone it would be a good idea to check the basement and see what else might await me.  Another leaky pipe.  In fairness, our house is quite literally near a hundred years old.  I think some of the pipes might actually be original.  At least they look as old as hell.  Last time the landlord had sent over one of the guys he has to do stuff around his properties.  This time he said he’d be coming over personally to fix it.  Hopefully he’ll also be calling the plumber to clear whatever blockage has built up and to really handle this tree root issue.

In the meantime, I’m trying to use the water sparely.  Depending on how things go tomorrow I might have to wait until Wednesday to dye my yarn, which is really obnoxious since that is the absolute last day I can possibly do it before it needs to be done.

I think some knitting is in order.  I haven’t knit very much today.  I need to cuddle up on the couch with my cardigan and forget my surroundings for a little bit.


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