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December 20, 2010 / Gillian

My New Project: Part Two

Here we are again.  I will continue my introduction/mission statement this morning before I move on to a regular post.

Where were we?  Ah-ha.  I remember…

You may well wonder, “Hey, who are you to think you can solve my knitting problems or even begin to tackle this whole life thing?”  Well, I’m a pretty awesome knitter.  That’s not me bragging.  That’s for real.  I’ve decided that I’m pretty much beyond being too humble about it.  Am I the best knitter?  No.  I am, however, awesome.  Here are but a few of my over 150 projects of the last two years…

This is my husband's Wash Sweater, based on a sweater from the show Firefly























Check this out…pretty awesome, nay?

I dyed this yarn based on an episode of the now-cancelled show, Caprica


















So these are two of my many credentials.  I’ve made sweaters, blankets, lacy shawls, home items, stuffed animals, gloves, fingerless gloves, mittens, hats, and socks just to name some things.  Also, I dye yarn.  I do not spin.  I said I’m an awesome knitter.  I decided awhile ago that there are only so many hours in the day and I would just rather devote them to knitting.  Will I learn how to spin someday?  It’s probably unavoidable.  For now, knitting is what makes me really happy.

Weekly, I go to a knitting group at my local library.  I’ve taught several people to knit and I often give pointers on new techniques and quite often I help with fixing things, hence ‘Diagnosis Knitter’.  I learned to knit orginally from my Grandma, but I put it aside for a long time.  By the time I came back to knitting I had to teach myself entirely, which made me very good at diagnosing errors and then fixing them.

So now we’ve been introduced and you know a little about me and my knitting.  I’d love to use this space to chat about life and knitting and even to answer knitting-related questions if anyone happens to pose them to me.


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