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December 20, 2010 / Gillian

A Plot Most Dye-abolical

There will be puns.  Just get used to it right now.

Have you ever had a productive Monday morning?  It happens to me sometimes and this morning is one of those mornings.  Productivity is not the sort of thing I expect when I’m woken by the urge to pee at 5am and then I have to go sleep on the couch in the living room because my husband’s snoring is making it impossible for me to sleep.  So when my body just started doing dishes before making breakfast I was surprised.  The dishes got done, breakfast got made and here I am on not even my first, but my second post of the morning.  It felt necessary for me to split what I had to say first into My New Project: Part Two.  I just wanted this to be a separate thing because it’s my regular post.


But before I go on, I’m still working out the kinks in posting picture in and around my words, so if formatting is weird, please forgive me.  I never claimed to be a computer wizard.

Moving on…

I keep getting Mom!’d.  My son really wants to play PBS Kids games.  I’ve told him several times that he can play PBS Kids games while I’m exercising, which I’ll be doing in five or ten minutes, which brings me to the line-up for the day.

…it’s snowing…

The plan is thus, soon I will do my exercises.  This weekend was a mess in regards to keeping up with my exercising.  I skipped Saturday and Sunday.  In fairness, we celebrated the Solstice on Saturday.  The munchkin got his presents and we spent the day just being a family.  Sunday was the Solstice ceremony at our church.  We attend a UU Fellowship.  After church I grocery shopped and went to visit my friend Linda, who just had a baby and then it was home to paint Christmas ornaments and then dinner…so I suppose it’s not unreasonable that I didn’t make time for exercise.  I’m just saying this morning I feel like a fatty and I’m glad it’s a weekday.

Before I start exercising I’m going to pop some  yarn in the crockpot to soak.  This is the dye-abolical part of my day.  My hope is to get three skeins of yarn dyed today so that the rest of this week I can focus on other things.  I can’t say what the skeins are for.  It’s a secret…shhh!

Additionally, I must do laundry.  I will fold the laundry today too.  Hold me to that.  If the first thing I say tomorrow is not “Yay! I folded the laundry yesterday!”, then please berate me about it.  Ehhh…don’t.  I’ll berate myself if I don’t get it done.  Really the thought of being berated by anyone including myself is probably enough to get me to do it.

Dinner this evening is easy.  For Mondays, I like to pick a dinner that involves nothing I have to thaw.  Why does thawing meat seem like such a chore?  I guess it’s the forethought.  It’s one more tiny little thing on a mountain of stuff that we have to get done in a day and probably it’s just one too many things.  Tonight it’ll be ham and swiss sandwiches with white bean soup.  I feel like that’s a great dinner for a cold, snowy day.

So perhaps I’ll be back later today, or maybe not until tomorrow morning.  Likely, it’ll be tomorrow morning.  We’ll talk about the cardigan I’m working on.


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